High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike


This top of line adult-size big-wheel exclusively from High Roller USA is built to perform and features a candy apple red metallic heavy duty steel frame and fork. The molded 14″ plastic rear wheels are engineered for optimal power sliding. The 26″ front wheel with aluminum alloy rim and rubber tire are designed for maximum traction and feature a custom free wheel hub for high speed coasting. High Roller trikes come standard with an adjustable padded seat, bell, and handle bar tassels. The High Roller adult size big wheel is recommended for adults at least 18 years old. Recommended rider height: 5’2″ to 6’6″ [130 to 200 cm] and weight capacity: 275 lbs verified [125 kg].


Available Here: $649.97 High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike

iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector



With the iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector you are now able to share presentations, videos and websites you view on your iPhone or iPad with a whole crowd. The iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector is compact enough to fit in your pocket and projects your iPhone’s screen onto any flat surface from as close as 8-in. and as far as 10-ft, projecting an image up to 85” diagonal. Use stand-alone or connect your iPhone to the tripod. Make an impromptu sales pitch in a restaurant or entertain the kids with online videos on your tent when you’re camping. Compatible with all iPhones/iPads, except iPhone 5, the new iPad with Retina Display and the iPad Mini.



Available Here: $299.99 iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector

120-Cigar Reclaimed Wood and Humidor with Hygrometer



The Renaissance

With its solid reclaimed wood construction and rustic tarnished metal details, the Renaissance has a vintage look and feel. Add an element of old world elegance to any room with this humidor. Features:

-Holds up to 120 Cigars
-Solid Wood Construction
-1 Rectangle Humidifier
-1 Glass Hygrometer with Brass Frame
-SureSeal Technology Insures Proper Lid Seal on Closure
-Spanish Cedar Tray with Divider
-2 Dividers at Bottom
-Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
-Rustic Tarnished Metal Lock & Key with Tassel
-Hidden Quadrant Hinges and 4 Corner Lid Protectors
-Reclaimed Aged Wood Finish

Dimensions (Outside): 15.75″W x 10.62″D x 7″H

Available Here: $165.94 120-Cigar Reclaimed Wood and Humidor with Hygrometer

The Zero Gravity Hammock Chair



Float your way to a restful state in our Zero Gravity Hammock Chair. Sturdy, stylish, and comfortable, you will gently swing back and forth, and side to side, as you give in to complete relaxation! The suspended motion is perfect for sunbathing and outdoor napping, but the gentle support allows you to snack or read. Easily turn the umbrella to block or just filter the sunshine – it’s up to you. the 100% spun polyester cushion comes in 4 colors and is soft and comfortable on your skin, yet dries quickly after a summer shower, or splashes from the pool.

Available Here: $399.99 The Zero Gravity Hammock Chair

8 Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes with Tongs



If you love your drinks on the rocks and hate when it gets diluted, this is for you. I tried the stones but was not happy with them. 4 SS cubes last quite a while. Definitely was worth the purchase.

These cubes are the new ice.

Because Tuscani ice cubes will never melt and dilute your drinks. Simply place them in the freezer for a few hours, then slip a handful into a glass and pour out your favorite liquor, like a top-shelf single malt. In minutes, your drink is nicely chilled-and full strength. Afterwards, just rinse, dry and replace the stones in the freezer for next time.

Always ready to chill when you are.

Tuscani ice cubes are made of stainless steel. Each measures approx. ¾” square with smoothed edges that won’t mar glasses. Available in a set of 8 with stanless steel tongs.. Great for cooling down non-alcoholic drinks, too.

– 9 Stainless steel gel filled ice cubes
– Stainless steel tongs

Available Here: $29.95 Tuscani 8 Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes with Tongs

Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming Cabinet



You know you want one!!

Relive the favorite video games of your youth with this Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga arcade gaming cabinet. It’s Identical to the original coin-operated versions without the need for coins. Enjoy the two original games plus four hidden bonus games: Pac-Man, Speedy Pac-Man, Speedy Ms. Pac-Man, and Rapid Fire Galaga. With authentic visuals you will feel like you did when you first played.

Available Here: $3,032.08 Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Guard Dog Security 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Stun Gun



The world’s first tactical light with stun gun has arrived in the Guard Dog Diablo! The Diablo shines a blinding 160 lumen light to illuminate far and bright, yet also effective for tactical and security purposes. Fire up the 4,500,000v concealed stun and the cognitive Diablo turns into a volt trashing self-defense device, powerful enough to fend and immobilize and attacker. Equipped with Guard Dog Security’s patented inner-stun technology, the probes are never shown and are completely undetectable embedded within the outer layer of the flashlight! The Guard Dog Diablo goes a step above by being the only type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy stun gun of its kind. This carefully crafted design makes the flashlight durable for everyday use, enabling a completely shockproof and anti-roll body. Our most ruthless glass breaker yet, the front face allows the user to effortlessly shatter glass in emergency situations and defend attackers with force. The ever-lasting Diablo is 100% rechargeable and has a bulb life of up to 100,000 hours. Empower yourself with illumination and security in the world class Guard Dog Diablo.

Please remember you should have proper training with any weapon you wish to carry for self protection.

Available Here: $46.77 Guard Dog Security 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Stun Gun

Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt for iPhone 4S and 5



Introducing Kevo. The Evolution of the Key is Coming. Your Smartphone Is Now Your Key With Kevo, all you need is your smartphone to unlock your door. You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket or purse; just touch your lock, it will recognize your phone and unlock the door. No more fumbling for your keys or memorizing a code… just touch the lock to open.

Available Here: $219.00 Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt for iPhone 4S and 5 in Satin Nickel

Moller Skycar 400

Most of the products on this site are available for purchase, but some things are still in the development stages, the Moller Skycar 400 is one of the products still being developed, but it’s still Seriously Cool.





I’ve been following the development of Moller Skycar for years and patiently waiting for the day when they are available.

Read more about the Moller Skycar here: http://moller.com/dev/index.php/sky-car/m400-specs

Big Trak

81ZXprV1huL._SL1500_  81Y3DcgSi6L._SL1500_


I so wanted one of these when I was a kid. If you grew up in the 80’s you’re probably feeling a bit nostalgic just looking at the picture.

You might remember having one of these in the early 80’s. Retro and cool, Bigtrak is back!This programmable educational toy is a six-wheeled tank with a front mounted blue photon beam headlamp used for firing. The centre wheels are driven by two motors to allow change of direction. Use the 23-button keypad to enter instructions for Bigtrak. Where do I want Bigtrak to go? In what direction? How many units will it take to reach my goal? When do I want Bigtrak to fire? Do I want Bigtrak to return to me along a different course? Bigtrak will execute 16 commands in one sequence, e.g. ‘go forward 5 lengths’, ‘pause’, ‘turn 30 degrees right’, ‘fire phaser’ and so on. There is a ‘repeat’ instruction allowing simple loops.With its classic Photon Cannon at the ready, programme this classic retro toy to steer around obstacles and shoot at a target or take dad an apple like in the classic Bigtrak adverts of the 80’s. If you are looking for the ultimate retro Birthday gift, you should be wetting yourself with excitement right now. Back to the heady days where Monster Munch were as big as your fist and every kid had a pair of corduroy trousers…because they were cool…

Available Here: $59.95  Big Trak

Leap Motion Controller, Gesture Motion Control for PC or MAC


You can only do so much on a computer with clicks and taps, but the Leap Motion controller makes a huge leap forward. Now you can interact with your computer in real, natural ways – with your hands and fingers in the air!
When you buy the Leap Motion controller, you are bringing the future into the present. Your gestures are translated into instructions to your computer.
Lets you do almost anything without touching anything
Browse the Web, read articles and flip through photos with gestures. Draw, paint and design with a fingertip, pencil or brush. Steer cars, fly planes and build 3D objects with your hands.


It isn’t a mouse replacement but a way to do things like fly through Google Earth, fingerprint, play musical instruments, mold a virtual piece of clay, etc.

Available Here: $89.99 Leap Motion Controller, Gesture Motion Control for PC or MAC

Instapark® Mars20S Portable & Rechargeable Emergency / Survival Solar Power Generator


Self-contained Solar panel, rechargeable battery, charge controller, inverter & cooling fan all packed in one light & compact package for easy storage, portability & usage
Versatility Access to 110V/AC, 12V/DC & 5V/DC USB, 2-way charging on or off the grid, plus a 3-watt LED flashlight / SOS light
Durability Impact-resistance ABS body & rated IP65 waterproof
Simplicity Easy operation, no training or experience required. No regular maintenance required

What is not to like? This is a great product due to it being small, offering dense energy storage and offering multiple charging and output voltages all in a sturdy package that is easy to grab and go. The solar panels are not thin film garbage and the unit’s output voltages cover most any need. The built in light is a real plus. After looking at many other types, this has everything in one package for light duty loads. Very portable. The LiION batteries are much better than having lead acid technology for a smaller footprint. Pop open the lid and have 20W at your disposal that will power most electronics you can throw on it.

Available Here: $419.00 Instapark® Mars20S Portable & Rechargeable Emergency / Survival Solar Power Generator with Built-in 145Wh Lithium Battery, 150-watt Inverter & Triple Outputs, 110V/AC, 12V/DC & Dual 5V/DC USB, IP65 Water-proof

ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

iCade Arcade Cabinet


Arcade Cabinet With Joystick & Buttons For iPad; Gaming; Authentic, Full-Sized Controls For A Genuine Arcade; Experience; High-Quality iPad-Cradle Specifically Designed For A; Safe, Secure Fit; Retro Cabinet Design That Is Fun, Nostalgic &;Great-Looking

This thing is definitely a lot of fun. It’s surprisingly well-designed (both in terms of aesthetics and technologically), and just works great, if you were into arcade games in the 80s and early 90s, you’ll definitely get your nostalgia’s worth on this.

Available Here: $46.95 ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

ECO-FUSED® 4 in 1 iPhone 5 Camera Lens Kit


ECO-FUSED® 4 in 1 iPhone 5 Camera Lens Kit Includes / 8x Black Telephoto Manual Focus Telescopic Camera Lens with Tripod / 3 Quick-Connect Lens Solution (Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens, Wide-angle Lens) / 1 Universal Holder / 1 Mini Tripod / 1 iPhone 5 Protection Case / 1 ECO-FUSED® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth included.

Great for anyone looking to extend the photographic capabilities of their iPhone 5 without spending a fortune.

Available Here: $42.95  ECO-FUSED® 4 in 1 iPhone 5 Camera Lens Kit

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547)

I think that the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 is a great set for the creative youngster (and for the inventive adult!) This robotics kit can offer hours and hours of fun. While playing with it, you’ll (your kid) be able to interact with people all over the world, and you’ll have a great start in engineering.

The “NXT” generation of buildable, programmable robots is here! LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is back and better than ever, with new robot models, even more customizable programming, and all-new technology including a color sensor! LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 combines the unlimited versatility of the LEGO building system with an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software. The new 2.0 toolkit features everything you need to create your first robot in 30 minutes and then tens of thousands of other robotic inventions that do what you want!

Available Here: $375.00 LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547)

R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid


This is one sidekick who definitely comes in handy! Your R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid figure is packed with all kinds of features to help you fight the dark side—or just have fun throughout your day. This exciting little friend rolls, spins “dances” and plays music, “remembers” and reacts to famous Star Wars characters, guards your room, plays multiple games and can even find and follow you! And with awesome features like an illuminating light beam, infrared location sensors, an adaptable droid mood status indicator, a rotating dome, motorized indoor-terrain treads, a beverage holder and manipulator arm and special “secret” features, this figure is sure to keep the fun going for “light years”!

Available Here: $225.00 Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid