The Martin JETPACK


I’ve been waiting for one of these my whole life, now it sounds like the time is close.

The Martin Jetpack is the result of inspiration and many years of development work by Glenn Martin and an enthusiastic team of engineers and other experts.  It uses sophisticated composites and a highly efficient propulsion system to achieve the goal of personal flight, with many safety features including a ballistic parachute.

Originally designed with the leisure market in mind, the Martin Jetpack has found strong demand from a wide range of markets, including military, civil defence and recreation. It is in the final stages of development for the first commercial customers, mainly Government users such as Search and Rescue and Police.

Today, Martin Aircraft Company is poised to introduce the unprecedented technical achievements of the Martin Jetpack to the market.

Again unfortunately this particular Seriously Cool Product is not available from our website, but you can place your preorder here:

Dodge Tomahawk

The world’s fastest bike is definitely not for amateurs.



For anyone with a serious death wish need for speed, Dodge has finally brought their concept bike to life. Introduced nearly a decade ago, the ‘Dodge Tomahawk’ is the world’s fastest bike. Unsurprisingly, it comes with heart pounding speed, stunning silverfish metallic looks and the promise of an action packed biking experience.

There is actually Dodge Viper engine (8.3 liter V10SRT 10) inside this breathtaking monster. The 4 wheeled crotch rocket is capable of producing a whopping 500 horsepower and a claimed top speed of 420mph. If you can handle that, you’d be lucky to get your hands on this shiny beauty since Dodge has decided to produce only 9 units. This bad-ass carries a price tag of $550,000. Oh, and since it is not road-legal you better have your own race track to spin it on as well.


Most stuff on is for sale, but unfortunately this is one that is not for sale, But you can buy the Die Cast Model below.

1/18 scale “Dodge Tomahawk” die-cast miniature from Maisuto. Available here: $54.63 1/18 scale Dodge Tomahawk die-cast miniature from Maisuto

Moller Skycar 400

Most of the products on this site are available for purchase, but some things are still in the development stages, the Moller Skycar 400 is one of the products still being developed, but it’s still Seriously Cool.





I’ve been following the development of Moller Skycar for years and patiently waiting for the day when they are available.

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