Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)


Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (for iPhone, iPad and Touch)

1. It’s super easy to set up! I pulled it out of the box, connected it to my iPad with the cable that is attached to the monitor, and it was all ready to go! Three minutes or less! Since I had already configured my scale, it immediately recognized who I was and was ready to go.

2. You can configure your blood pressure monitor for more than one person, so I set my husband up, too. A simple tap on user icon changes the user.

3. You can configure the monitor to take your blood pressure one time or take it three times and average the results. (I like this because I have a phobia to blood pressure cuffs and always read high the first time.)

4. The results were accurate compared to a blood pressure monitor I own that was recommended to me by my doctor.

5. My iPad and iPhone keeps track of my daily progress – weight, fat, and lean with the Withings scale and blood pressure with the Withings monitor. You can even track results both in the morning and evening. The results can be read as a listing or as a graph.

6. It stores neatly in a small box.