Control Your Air Conditioning From Your Phone With This Nifty Plug-In


ThinkEco’s modlet smartAC kit allows you to wirelessly network your built-in air-conditioner so you have better control. Why not conveniently set on/off schedules to precool your room before you arrive home? Or view and change your room temperature from your browser or smartphone so you can be sure your room is always the right temperature based on occupancy. The modlet smartAC kit comes with one modlet (modern outlet) for your built-in air-conditioner, one thermostat remote that enables wireless temperature-based control of your unit and a USB gateway for your PC/Mac for network connectivity. Simply create an online account on and follow on-screen instructions to set up your air-conditioner. Please note that multiple modlet smartAC kits and regular modlets can be networked under the same account, so you can grow your network as needed. Because built-in air conditioners are equipped with different plugs, please check each plug type before purchasing.

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